Nation Building & Canada’s Arctic Sovereignty

In 1867, Canada embarked on a great nation building project. We united as a country and built a railway that connected the country from east to west, bringing security and opportunity to what has become a vital heartland in our country.

Today it is our Arctic that holds the potential for economic growth through trade, infrastructure development, natural resources, and potential maritime shipping routes that will position Canada for continued prosperity in the next century. But we are not the only ones who see the value in what our rich Arctic has to offer.

It is essential that we have federal leadership that will once again have the courage to nation build, and work with the Provinces to embark on a bold vision for our country.

The current government does not understand the importance of once again uniting Canada to deliver on the critical infrastructure projects that will create jobs, strengthen our economy, and position Canada for the future.

I encourage you to click through the links below to see what I have been doing as the Member of Parliament to ensure this important federal priority is heard in the riding and in Ottawa.

Articles & Newsletters


November 2019 MP’s Report – One Country, One Canada

June 2019 – Defending Canada’s Arctic Sovereignty & Nation Building for the Future

September 2018 MP’s Report – My Duty, My Decision

May 2017 MP’s Report – Canada in the World: Defence and our NATO Alliance

February 2017 MP’s Report – New Year, New Roles





July 2018 – NATO Association of Canada 2018 Summer Soiree

September 2017 – NATO Parliamentary Assembly Arctic Conference

July 2017 – NATO Association of Canada 2017 Summer Soiree

June 2017 – Leksand, Sweden Delegation’s Visit to Aurora


Member’s Statements

Member’s Statement on the MacDonald Laurier Institute’s scathing report on this government
Member’s Statement on Canada’s disastrous foreign policy

Committee Meetings

Foreign Affairs Committee – Questioning the Foreign Affairs, Trade and International Development Department on delays in processing of military export permits

Speech at MP Bruce Stanton’s Stand & Be Counted Event

Events in our Community

Canada’s Sovereignty, Security and Stability Town Hall with MP James Bezan – December 7th, 2018

On December 7th, 2018, my friend and colleague MP James Bezan (Selkirk–Interlake–Eastman, MB) and I hosted a roundtable on the current state of Canada’s security, stability and sovereignty. There was a clear consensus in the room – Justin Trudeau is not serious about Canada’s economic and national security. We are living in a time of unprecedented global instability with fundamental shifts in the world economy, while trade relations and defence structures are under threat – and Canada needs to take it seriously.

See pictures from the Town Hall below!

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