Help You Get Ahead

When elected as the governing party, our Conservative team will put more money into your pocket to help you get ahead by:

Increasing federal funds to provincial healthcare

The Conservative Party of Canada’s Health Care Gaurentee
Andrew Scheer speaks with Ontarians about healthcare
Andrew Scheer understands the importance of boosting provincial healthcare firsthand

Replacing and purchasing new MRI & CT machines

Reclaim Canadian leadership on the world stage

Supporting small-businesses

Working to make housing more affordable for all Canadians

Implementing the Green Public Transit Tax Credit

Providing more support for Canada’s veterans

Introducing a Universal Tax Cut

Increasing the Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) from 20% to 30%

Re-instating the Children’s Arts & Learning Tax Credit

and the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit

Removing the federal portion of HST from Home Heating

Cancelling $1.5 Billion corporate welfare, and redirect savings to Canadians

Eliminating the Carbon Tax, while also implementing a truly innovative solutions to the environment in Canada and the world

End the dumping of raw sewage into our lakes and rivers

Making Employment Insurance (EI) Maternity & Paternity Benefits tax-free!

Improving government benefits to seniors – increasing the Age Credit by $1000

Creating a safer Canada

Creating measures to safeguard personal data of Canadians online by enhancing cyber-security

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