Environment & Energy Security

All federal political parties and many Canadians agree – climate change is real. As responsible stewards of our environment, we must do our part to minimize the negative impacts of human activity on our planet. Where we differ is in what that should look like.

To truly be a comprehensive “environmental plan”, a Canadian plan must address more than the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and also include policies to increase energy efficiency, conserve clean water, reduce and manage waste including prohibiting the dumping of raw sewage, and restore and maintain parks, wildlife and natural habitats.

Further, Canada has the energy resources to be both profitable and independent – Canada’s oil and gas industry is the largest driver of our economy, but instead this Liberal government has forced our industry to sell Canada’s oil at a dramatically discounted price, while Canadians pay a premium to import oil from other countries. Justin Trudeau says the environment and the economy go together but he allows Canada to be dependent on foreign oil from countries with little or no environmental regulations and questionable human rights policies while destroying Canada’s own energy sector.

Canada’s approach to combatting climate change must be realistic, proportional and achievable, and must find the appropriate balance between protecting the environment and preserving our economy.

I encourage you to click through the links below to see what I have been doing as the Member of Parliament to ensure this important federal priority is heard in the riding and in Ottawa.

Articles & Newsletters


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