Did you know that local election campaigns are completely funded by individual donations from people like you? Government tax dollars do NOT pay for the signs of your local candidates, or the campaign office in your community, or the information pamphlets that you receive from volunteers who come to your door.

Our local democracy is only possible through personal donations to your local electoral district association – to your local federal candidate.

We have a tough election campaign to fight. Our country is at stake.

We need your help!

Please consider donating to the Aurora–Oak Ridges–Richmond Hill Conservative Electoral District Association by clicking the button below.

The Power of Your Investment

The Government of Canada provides generous tax credits to Canadians who support the democratic process, including a 75% tax credit on $400 donated to a political party. Canadians can contribute up to $1, 625 annually to Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill Federal Conservative Electoral District.
Here are some examples of tax credits for political donations:

Donating via Cheque:
Please make cheque payable to Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill Federal Conservative EDA

Mail to:
108 Temperance Street
Aurora, Ontario
L4G 2P8    


Join the Club
Become an Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill donor. There are three exclusive donation categories that allow you to receive special prices on all Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill EDA events:

Blue Founder Club
The Blue Founder Club recognizes supporters who have contributed $50 to $400 to the riding of Aurora–Oak Ridges–Richmond Hill. 

Did you know that donations up to $400 receive at 75% tax credit?

Blue Builder Club
The Blue Builder Club is to recognize our supporters who make a monthly donation of $35.00 per month or an annual donation of $420 or more. For monthly donations it requires a one-time registration set up.

Did you know that the real cost of your $420 donation is only $105 (a tax credit of $315)?

Blue Visionary Club

The Blue Visionary Club is exclusive to Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill Federal Conservative Electoral District Association. It is designed to reward and recognize our incredible supporters, who have donated the maximum to our local campaign – an annual donation of $1,625.

The real cost of your $1,625 donation is only $975. A tax credit of $650.


Thank you in advance for your donation.

Together we will create a big bold vision of what our country can become.
Together we will ensure that the Canada of tomorrow will be better than today.

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